Benefits of a jade roller

How exactly should you use the facial roller that's taking the West by storm recently? Here are a few insights for you!

The facial roller massage

Facial roller massage has a multi-layered effect to your skin as it stimulates blood flow, giving the skin more nutrients and oxygen, thus draining away water retention and massaging into the deeper tissues. You'll witness the way the skin is lifted upwards, and the cheek muscles are held up during the rolling massage. Frequent massaging or rolling can really beautify the shape of your face. Just like the muscles in other parts of the body, facial muscles can become flabby if they lack movement.

The technique used to massage these muscles is key. For relaxation and contouring, hold the handle with one end up and roll it upwards. For puffiness and detoxification. hold the handle with one end down and push it upwards.

 The typical materials used for facial roller are Rose Quartz or Jade stone. The stones stays naturally cool, so it's great to use in the morning to boost circulation, while helping to relieve inflammation and redness.

Develop a process of your own

Whichever type of face rolling tool you prefer, the key is to massage upwards, making sure not to go back and forth or up and down. Repeat each area five times: firstly outwards to the contours of the chin, secondly under the cheekbones and then along the cheekbones. Finally, roll your eyebrows in a flat motion (if you happen to have a headache, leave it to cool before using it) and work upwards to your forehead. Move slowly when massaging the neck and chin, and briefly when firming the cheekbones and below. When eliminating puffiness and contouring the face, it's best to roll to the sides at an angle and then underneath, near the ears. You can keep the roller in the fridge, but most of the time it stays naturally cool; this means that if used at night a cold roller will tighten pores, firm the skin and wake up a tired look, and is especially good to use before a party. Roll at least two to three times a week for at least five minutes each time and you'll notice a difference in your face within a few weeks.

The perks of the roller massage method

Many women are already using rollers for sheet masks, designed to help nutrients be absorbed deeply. But you can do exactly the same with skincare to create a smooth base before applying make-up. An even better method is to roll your face after applying your make-up, as this gives your skin a healthy glow and makes your make-up look more natural as if you hadn't worn any make-up. While cooling the roller does have its benefits, the roller sometimes can be heated up too. This will work like a hot stone massage. It feels particularly soothing to put the roller in hot water for 30 seconds, dry it and roll it over a sheet mask, serum or cream.