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Discover the purest and freshest skincare experience with FANCL. This Japanese beauty brand is committed to eliminating harsh negative skin effects caused by unwanted ingredients found in traditional cosmetics. With 100% preservative-free skincare products, FANCL believes in providing only what your skin needs. From nourishing eye serums to soothing cleansing oils, FANCL has a range of award-winning products that cater to sensitive skin types. Explore FANCL's cruelty-free collection and experience their philosophy of making you feel beautiful naturally.

    7 products
    FANCL is a Japanese health and beauty brand that is renowned worldwide for its high-quality nutritional supplements and preservative-free cosmetics. Unlike many other brands, FANCL cosmetics are entirely free of preservatives, fragrances, artificial dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, and UV absorbers. FANCL believes in using only the ingredients that your skin needs to achieve natural beauty, and their skincare products are formulated with this philosophy in mind.

    FANCL's story began in 1982 when they introduced their preservative-free skincare line in small 5-milliliter vials, addressing women's skin problems caused by harsh ingredients found in traditional beauty products. Their mission has always been to eliminate the negatives in skincare and make skin stronger, healthier, and ultimately more beautiful. FANCL's products are designed to be used within 60-120 days of opening, depending on the product, and are packaged in hermetically sealed bottles with freshness-dated boxes to guarantee their quality. The brand's innovative, touch-free caps ensure no bacteria contaminates the product.

    FANCL's philosophy is grounded in gentle treatment and clean skin, as they believe that friction causes skincare issues. Their cleansers are free from harmful ingredients that can irritate skin and are developed especially for those with sensitive skin or skin concerns such as dermatitis. The brand's products are pharmaceutical-quality, manufactured in their state-of-the-art laboratories in Japan. FANCL is a cruelty-free brand, and their commitment to delivering the purest, freshest, and highest-quality products without unnecessary additives is what sets them apart.

    Overall, FANCL is a brand that is constantly innovating to create the purest and freshest products possible, using only what the skin needs to be beautiful. Their commitment to quality and safety makes them an ideal choice for those seeking gentle and effective skincare products that deliver results.